Welcome aboard the schooner Atrevida

Day charter and weekly rental

Different rental options, according to your preferences. From 4 hours to full weeks.

Shared sailing trips

Alone, with your partner or in groups. Relax and enjoy the sea.

Atrevida – Daring – is a charter sailboat rigged as an old schooner, with gaff sails and wooden masts. A truly classic schooner full of charm and elegance.

Emotion, calm and confidence


The Skipper

The Schooner


I’m Anita, from Malaga, my niece and I have spent a magnificent day on the schooner Atrevida, highly recommended, even if you go with teenagers like me.

Paseo Mediterráneo 04/02/22

I had done other boat trips, but this one was special. The schooner is a beauty, and sailing is a true luxury. Highly recommended, we will repeat!

Paseo Mar Menor 16/09/21

Sailing along the Mar Menor towards the sunset. Thank you Skipper for leaving me the helm and transmitting emotion, calm and confidence. Unforgettable. I will repeat.

Paseo Mar Menor 05/11/21