TANIT ROUTE · Carthaginians and Romans

Cartagena · Qart-Hadašt ·21 al 29 de Septiembre· 95€por día

The last week of September the Carthaginians and Romans celebrations take place in Cartagena. They are large historical festivities that commemorate events such as the founding of Qart Hadasht by Hasdrubal around the year 227 BC., the departure of Hannibal towards Rome or the conquest of the city by Scipio Africanus in the year 209 BC. They are declared of International Tourist Interest.

In the year 2023, during that week we sail to Ibiza and return on the first Tanit Route. We commemorated the shared past between Qart-Hadašt-Cartagena and Ibošim-Ibiza, through a sailing trip to the sanctuary of Tanit, a cultural adventure under the patronage of the goddess.

This year, 2024, we will make the same journey to the Tanit sanctuary in Ibiza, but on the May 1st long weekend and from Alicante. (enlace) Thus, the schooner Atrevida will be in the port of Cartagena in September, and therefore we will be able to sail and also participate in the celebrations of the Carthaginians and Romans.

During those days we will make several day trips, with different itineraries, always linked to the historical and cultural theme of the Tanit Route. At night we will return to the port of Cartagena and passengers will have free time to walk around, get to know the city, or attend the numerous festive events

These are the navigations planned during those days:

– La Azohía and Roman site on Isla Plana

– Phoenician wreck of Mazarrón

– Escombria Island and Phoenician temple of Cabo de Palos

– Lobos Cave and Rincón Cove

– Cabo Tiñoso and adjacent coves

– Whale watching

Each itinerary has its own documentation with appropriate historical, geographical and environmental information . And, as is usual on the Atrevida voyage, during the trip we will sail mainly with the wind and passengers interested in learning how to maneuver a traditionally rigged sailboat will have their opportunity.

Flexible program, PRICE per DAY: €95 person/day. (Couples: 10% discount)

Includes: VAT, professional skipper, insurance, bedding, 6 places available.

Not included: Food and drink, towels.

Extras: For the costs of provisioning and fuel, each passenger will pay a fund of €15/day at the time of boarding, the unspent portion will be returned at the end of the journey.

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